Hot Jewels is a mind game where the player needs to strategize, think and decide fast and look and match the same colors. What it means that this game will keep the player on their toes means that the player needs to concentrate when playing Hot Jewels. The player needs to match at least 3 the same colored jewel and much better if more than 3 because this will greatly affect the game the player is playing.
This game is easy and can be understood easily even for the young age. All the player need to do is match 3 or more the same colored jewel. To do this the player should drag and drop the jewel with the same color. Every jewel that you matched the higher the score the player will get and also an additional or extended time will be also is added. When the time hits zero the game is over. The result of the game can be seen from how many moves the player did, total score gained and also the latest highest score done in the game.
Better match the same colored jewels fast and quick to have more time added and extend the game more. Surely the player eye will be as sharp as a hawk or an eagle in finding ad matching jewels with the same color. Not only it will test your eyes sight but also how your mind will come up with it.
The goal of the player is to beat the highest score recorded in the game. To make this more fun invite your loved ones like family or your friends and have a friendly game. Add prizes or bet on it if you want. The one who got the highest score wins or depends on what rules the players to have on it. It will make the day fun and bright for the players.