What month are you born? Do you know what is your birthstone is?
Birthstone is a gemstone, jewel or sometimes also called precious stones. This birthstone represent the birth month of a person.
Each birthstone has its own characteristics to identify them from each other. They have differed from color, properties, symbol, healing power and other more to know about it. Let get to know a bit of the birthstone and what month they represent.
Garnet is for the month of January. Reddish-brown is the most popular color. Purification, passionate love, intense feelings, strong, friendship, balance and vitality stands for garnet. A wearer is believed to be keeping safe in their travel.
Amethyst is for the month of February. It has a touch of purple which range from pale lavender, dark violet to deep. It said that this gives courage and strengthen a relationship. These symbolize security, sincerity, contentment and spirituality.
Aquamarine is for the month of March which is a greenish blue. Beauty, honesty and loyalty symbolize this gemstone.  Some believe that this can cure liver, stomach and heart disease.
Diamond is for the month of April, the most popular gemstone. This symbolizes everlasting love. Some thought this bring courage.
Emerald a brilliant green color is for the month of May that represents success in love, domestic bliss, faith and wisdom. They say that this was among of Cleopatra’s favorite gem.
Pearl that symbolizes purity, love, happiness and success for the month of June. This is another popular gemstones.
Ruby a deep red color for the month of July and considered as the King of Gems symbolize passion and love.
For the month of August, a light green color, peridot that symbolizes strength.
Sapphire, the birthstone for September symbolizes faith, loyalty, wisdom and purity.
For October opal which symbolizes confidence and faithfulness.
Topaz which symbolizes affection and love is the birthstone for November.
And lastly for December turquoise which symbolizes success and god fortune.
There are people believe that wearing a birthstone can bring not only good health but also good luck to a person. Aside from this astrologers before believe also that each gemstone have supernatural power on it.