Gemstones Formed

Many people are wondering how jewels or gems are formed especially people who are interested in jewelry. Knowing how this is formed will add up more to your knowledge on what you know about it. It will also make the owner appreciate more the jewel that in his or her possession.

Not all of us owned or have on hand a piece of beautiful jewelry. But for those who are fortunate having or owning one especially women surely would take good care of it. Jewelry is a beautiful piece that sometimes contains jewels or gems. It can be the birthstone of the owner. Before this gems are used a method of currency. Almost everyone appreciates the beauty of the gems or jewels but do you ever wonder or think how these were formed.

Jewel or gem are formed in different environment but formed beneath the surface of the Earth. Creation or the outcome of these different gemstones will differ greatly on where they were formed or process. There are stones that were formed when the mineral react to the water that is near the surface of the Earth then it dissolve. Mineral is formed when the solution evaporates or it cooled. Silica-rich rocks like sandstone that is mix with water can produce gemstones like opals, agates and amethysts. When water is mix with copper-rich rocks it produced minerals that are copper bearing like azurite, turquoise and malachite.

There are gemstones like tourmalines and emerald that are formed when the rain water or water from the magma cooling bodies is mix with minerals it crystallizes in open cracks. When this open crack is filled with veins of minerals it creates hydrothermal deposits. Gemstones like ruby, topaz and zircon are created by magma crystallization that happens in volcanic rocks. This is called magmatic gems. Others were formed straight in mantle where in the layer is made of 70% mass of Earth, iron, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, oxygen and also silicate compounds. Olive green mineral olivine is the content of the mantle upper layer.Those metamorphic rocks like zircon, emerald, jade are formed when rocks were changed by intense pressure and heat and mixture of solutions.

It is really interesting how this gemstone are created and with this, a person can appreciate more their jewelry.