Jewels or Gems

Do you know any jewel or can you name or enumerate some kinds of jewels? What do you thinks are the most popular or at least what are the top 10 of it? Or what is mostly that are used for jewelry?
Jewel or other called it gem, gemstone or even precious stones. Whatever people called it, it is still a mineral that is crystallize that were cut then polish in a form to make it a jewelry or to be an accessory. There are different ways on how these gems were discovered
Mostly women love looking or even wishing to have one. Women more appreciate this and dream to have than men. But not all is very fortunate to own one because each jewel or gem.
There so many different jewels or most popular known to us as gemstones in the market. But not all are very popular or well known to us. There are selected gemstones are very much known to almost to everyone. Because of it beauty of the gem it is used to make jewelries or other decorative things or arts. The value of each different gemstone differs from each other.
If you were ask what gemstones are you familiar or know? I bet that it will be pearl, diamond, ruby. Some will mention all about the birth stones; garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamonds, emerald, pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal or tourmaline, citrine or topaz and zircon, tanzanite or turquoise which is well known because of the month that corresponds to it.
Jewels or gems are different from each other from how it was form, there shape, color, texture and other more. With this they can be identified from each other. Each of this gives or show there characteristics or have their own style and impact to a person.
Remember whatever this gems or jewels are, these are all gifts from nature to us. So how about you, what is your favorite jewel or gem and what is it you want or dream to own or have? Some will say especially women that diamonds are girl’s best friend.