Precious stone

Jewel, gemstone, gem or precious or semi-precious stone are the same, a mineral crystal that after it is cut it is polished to become jewelry or other ornamentation. The value of this stones will depend on with the characteristic properties of it and also the rarity.

But these gems are classified into two categories which are between precious stone and semi-precious stone. The gem that is under precious stone category is highly valuable because of their rarity and hardness. These are more expensive compared to those that are under semi-precious stones.

Among all the gemstones there are only four that belongs to precious stone: diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire. The one that is considered precious gem is the diamond. Emerald comes from Smaragdos a Greek word which means Green Stone and the most desired color for this deep green. The gemstone that is considered an excellent choice for jewelry is ruby but this is only second to diamond when it comes to durability and strength. Sapphire main color is blue other colors for this are sometimes called fancy. This gemstone symbolizes loyalty, friendship and harmony.

The remaining gemstones that are not mentioned under precious stone are considered semi-precious stone. These gemstones are valued due to their beauty. Among this is aquamarine, garnet, pearl, opal, topaz, alexandrite and much more. Aquamarine comes from Latin word Aqua which means water and Mare mean sea and considered as one of best known and most popular gemstone. This has more value if the color is more intense. Garnet has different colors and the most common are light red to violet, green, white, brown, black and yellow. The gemstone that is an organic gem is the pearl. But there two types of this the natural pearl and the cultured pearl. Mostly the color of this is white and sometimes pinkish tinge or creamy. For opal, the color can be yellow, black, gray, white, orange, colorless and the most attractive and popular color red. Topaz a yellow gemstone where the name comes from Tapas a Sanskrit word that means fire. The gemstone Alexandrite was named after the Crown Prince of Russia Czar Alexander II.

Whatever types of gemstone always remember it should be taken care of especially if this is given by your love ones.